two things

First of all, hello, how are you?  Enjoying this great weather? I know I am.  Flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and the DC pigeon population is out in full force.  Lovely.

I’m checking in to report two things: 1) I have (obviously) changed the “theme” for my blog.  I like the polka dots, but I’m not sure about the black banner (which I apparently can’t change).  So, what do you think? A keeper? Or should I keep trying?

And 2) I made apple cozies.

Wait, wait, come back here.  They aren’t as weird as they sound.  They’re just little cases for the apple that you throw in your work bag each morning before getting squished into a Metro car or bumped on the bus.  You see, they aren’t just cute–they’re functional.  Keep your apple in one of these, and you can say goodbye to bruises.  Apple bruises, that is.  You’re on your own.

Happy Tuesday!


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