orange marmalade-ricotta cupcakes with marmalade buttercream frosting

Can you believe that Easter is this upcoming weekend? I know, I know. Time really flies.  It feels like just yesterday I was wassailing and belting out both the female AND male parts of Baby It’s Cold Outside, and suddenly I’m hoarding Cadbury eggs and oohing and ahhing over this year’s Peeps Show contestants.

Now, I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about Easter is the desserts.  In my family, it seems like most every person attending Easter dinner comes with a cake or pie in tow, and after a ridiculously large meal of pastitsio and honey-baked ham, we all grab a plate and a fork and commence the devouring of the sweets.

So, if your family is anything like mine, I’d recommend bringing a truly awesome dessert to the festivities.  Something like Orange Marmalade-Ricotta Cupcakes with Marmalade Buttercream Frosting.  My aunt introduced me to this treat, and I was blown away by the extremely moist cake and the hint of orange in every single bite. Better yet, it’s easy as all get-out to make.  You use boxed cake mix as your base and, with a few small additions, you have yourself a dessert worthy of Easter.

These will go fast, so if you want to make sure you get a bite, keep a few at home for yourself or hide them behind the dyed hard-boiled eggs.  Because, seriously, nobody’s eating those.


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