chicken with creamy spinach and shallots

This up and down weather has me out of sorts.  Some days, the outdoor thermometer that sits in our family room window reads 85 (!) degrees, sending me pawing through my side of the closet for a summery dress that can also pass as work garb (not always an easy feat).  Other days, my weather buddy, Tom (from NBC 4), breaks the awful news that it will be 54 degrees.  And rainy.  With a chance of tornados, or some such nonsense.  Those days make me want to head right back to my dark, cozy lair to wait for some sunshine.

It was a gray, rainy day that inspired the fixing of this dinner.  I mean, few things scream “comfort food” with more conviction than some lightly fried chicken breasts and homemade creamed spinach.  And as a huge fan of creamed spinach, I can assure you that this is a fine version to add to your repertoire.  Don’t get me wrong–I’m just as happy with the microwaveable bag from Green Giant–but the shallots and sour cream really add a dimension to the spinach that is pretty special.

If you decide to dive into this recipe (and I really recommend you do), you’ll notice that it calls for chicken thighs, not chicken breasts.  Well, all I can say is I had a package of chicken breasts in the freezer just hankering to be cooked.  So I halved them lengthwise and fried them up.  Also, I’d recommend not only rinsing your spinach (as I’m sure you already do), but also soaking it in cold water.  Actually, soak, then rinse.  A coworker recommended this tactic to me, and I was amazed/disgusted by the grit left at the bottom of the bowl.  Woah.

So, to recap: rainy weather+yummy chicken with creamed spinach+a nice white wine or a good beer=a totally bearable day.

**It recently occurred to me that if you just scan the ol’ blog, you might think that every dish I make turns out great.  Or that I’m talking up the bad dishes to fill in the spaces.  Well, I can assure you (as can Nate, my co-taste tester) that there are quite a few meals that will NEVER end up here.  Because they stunk (a little dish known as Beer Cheese Soup comes to mind…).  Or, more commonly, they were incredibly boring.  So please believe me when I say that the meals I share are the ones we like and would make again.  Some may be more to your liking than others, but I promise that none of them are bombs.  Or boring.  And none of them will EVER be Beer Cheese Soup.**


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