indonesian ginger chicken

It’s no secret that I live in Northern Virginia.  And in addition to its easy access to the Metro, close proximity to a lot of historic sites (Mount Vernon being one of my favs), and being a stones-throw from D.C., Northern VA’s best feature is (in my opinion) its seemingly endless supply of amazing Asian food.  You can’t drive more than a few blocks without passing a Vietnamese pho joint, a Korean BBQ restaurant, or a Thai place.  And as a person who revels in the interesting spices and flavors of these cuisines, I make it my mission to seek out and sample every viable Asian food option I can find.

Sadly, the constant desire to find and devour the amount of Asian food I require really isn’t feasible for this working gal (apparently creating leave slips with “Need Pho” in the remarks line doesn’t fly in some lines of work).  So instead, I have to make my own.  Which, if you’ve ever made Asian food at home, you know can turn out just like the restaurants or absolutely, depressingly different.  I’m really happy to say that Ina Garten’s Indonesian Ginger Chicken falls on the former side of that coin.  Made solely with ginger, garlic, honey, soy sauce, and whatever chicken you have on hand, this recipe produces exceptionally tender chicken that rivals any ginger/garlic chicken you’ve had at your favorite restaurant or take-out place.

And what’s better than a delicious Asian dinner? A delicious Asian dinner that you marinate overnight, requiring only that you take it out about an hour before dinner the following day and bake it to perfection.  I served mine with rice, but you could go crazy and make a refreshing Thai-style Green Papaya Salad or some Stir-Fried Chinese Broccoli to accompany this great dinner.  Yum.

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