shrimp, leek, and spinach pasta

Today there was a crying child on my Metro car.  And while I typically get a wee bit peeved at loud, cranky kids at 6:30 in the morning, something was different this time.

After much deliberation and soul searching, I realized why–I wanted to cry, too.  And kick. And maybe even scream a little.  Because I was TIRED. And my arm was sore (I got a few vaccinations updated the other day–so the kid and I probably have that in common, too).  And I didn’t waaant to be on the Metro, I waaanted to be in my bed.  Under my covers.  With a cat to keep my feet warm.

This meal is perfect for a “it’s Thursday and I’ll cry if I want to” sorta day.  It takes no time to make.  It contains cream AND pasta (with some veggies thrown in for good measure).  And it has subtle, lovely flavors that give you that warm, comfort-food hug that we all need once in a while, no matter our age.


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  1. I think we should all cry if we want to……..great recipe. And have you tried Swiss Chard…..i just discovered it – replaces spinach, fabulous!!! Holds up better and does not wilt as much (doesn’t cry?????????)- anyway, to die for, hugs, gina

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