minimal effort, great results

Are those not your favorite words?  I love anything that proves to be fantastically easy and happily lovely. I have two great examples of “minimal effort, great results” for you today.

The first is a delectable Chocolate Cream Pie from Food Network Magazine’s April issue.

This pie took 10–that’s right, 10–minutes to make.  And I’m betting you have most, if not all, the ingredients you’ll need in your pantry/refrigerator.  How’s that for easy?  Better yet, this isn’t one of those “it takes 10 minutes because everything it’s composed of is highly processed and comes from boxes and cans covered with cartoon characters and bubble letters.”  Other than the chocolate cookie crust (which I bought, but you could certainly make yourself) this recipe is all natural–from the cocoa powder, to the heavy cream, to the cream cheese, and the vanilla extract.  Good and good for ya.

The second easy-peasy item I have to share is a throw I made for our couch.  Prior to the creation of this baby, I used a giant college-themed blanket that, though comfy, was an eye-sore.  Such an eye-sore, in fact, that I hid it whenever company dropped by.  Yes, the shame was palpable.

So I made this cream/beige/white throw using Lion Brand‘s Five and a Half Hour Throw pattern (#70347AD).  As a relatively new crocheter, this took me closer to 7 hours, which I think was totally worth the results.  This throw is heavy and soft and perfect for a weekend on the couch, with a glass of wine in one hand, a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table, and The Red Violin on the TV.  Or, you know, any combination of things.


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