lighter stuffed shells

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, I have donned green, drank a Guinness, shouted “Erin go Bragh” at a passerby (to be fair she shouted at me–and the lamp post, and the pre-schooler, and the Metro bus–first), and ate stuffed shells.  Yes, I said stuffed shells.  Please don’t pinch me.

I know corned beef and cabbage are the norm on this day, but after an evening of OVER indulging, I decided that it was in the best interest of my hips to forgo another heavy meal.  Instead, I whipped up this vegetarian AND “light” dinner and am genuinely pleased with the results.

Though it made me nervous at first, the cottage cheese turned out to be a fine substitute for ricotta and the veggies were surprisingly filling.   And with a pretty darn high yield, you’ll have plenty of shells for a dinner for two, three, four…well, you get the picture.  Plus, the warmed-up leftovers are nothing to sneeze at.  Or sneeze on.  Seriously, don’t sneeze on your food.



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