grilled pork tenderloin with mustard-dill sauce

For all the glowing publicity I give them, you might think that I’m getting some sort of compensation (perhaps in the form of flaked sea salt and truffle oil) from Bon Appetit magazine. And I do feel like a bit of a tool highlighting their recipes over and over and over again, gushing about their delicious and life-altering results.  But what can I say? BA is an institution and I’m a fan.  Even if their “foodie travel” section makes me feel like it’s MY INALIENABLE RIGHT to sail around the Galapagos in search of the very best pineapples and their “Feedback” column, where celebrities “dish” about their favorite foods, causes me to roll my eyes so hard they start to hurt (Justin Bieber eats free-range Dodo eggs over easy washed down with a glass of kitten tears?! I DO NOT CARE!).

But I digress.

The other night, I made the delicioso Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Mustard-Dill Sauce.  From the “Fast Easy Fresh” section, this recipe was one of those two-fers that I tend to gravitate towards because, with minimal effort, you get a main dish AND a side. And though I’ll never pooh-pooh a side of whatever-came-out-of-a-Steamfresh-bag, it is nice to have something homemade.  Especially a side as surprisingly yummy and refreshing as pickled zucchini slices. A little tart, perfectly dill-y, they play a great second fiddle to the tender and flavorful pork.  Top it all off with the mustard-dill sauce, and you have a quick dinner that can’t be beat.

So, BA, I’ve done it again.  I’ll be expecting a bottle of Bieber’s favorite kitten tears to show up on my door step any day now.


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