parmesan chicken

I know I’ve waxed poetic about winter nights, roaring fires, and fluttering snowflakes.  But it wasn’t until yesterday that I remembered one of the other joys of winter: the common cold.

I was feeling run down on Thursday, beat on Friday, and comatose on Saturday. Then, on Sunday, all other cold symptoms hit me like a Mac truck. Stuffy nose? Check. Hacking cough?  Double check. Itchy eyes? Jackpot!  I’ve been the picture of health, if health resembles death warmed over.

So what does an sniffling invalid make for dinner? Nothin’.  Her sweet husband, however, pulls together one of their tried-and-true favorites: Ina Garten’s Parmesan Chicken.

This recipe is a stand-by in our household for two reasons: 1) it involves techniques that every home cook knows (breading, pan-frying) and any new cook could pick up, and 2) it’s so, totally yummy.

Nate’s partial to the chicken’s Parmesan crust and I just love the lemon-y salad on top.  And even as a girl with almost no sense of smell/taste, this is one of those few dishes that, nevertheless, delights the tastebuds.


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