white bean soup with andouille and collards

Have you ever heard of those programs that tell you to visualize what you really want in life?  Apparently if you focus on your goals hard enough, you will naturally and effortlessly achieve them.

To keep my priorities in order, I’ve created a list of things I’m striving for:

-A pair of 4-inch heels that I can wear all day without killing my feet

-A purple velvet couch

-A different pair of tights for every day of the year

A dinner that requires almost no work, tastes amazing, and is ready to eat when I walk in the door after a day at the office

-A Wonder Years poster signed by Fred Savage

Clearly the system works, because I’ve already crossed off one of my main goals: an easy dinner that practically makes itself. This magical dish is called White Bean Soup with Andouille and Collards and was featured in Real Simple‘s March 2011 issue.

When I say this dish is easy, I don’t mean easy for a master chef.  Or easy for a person whose only goal each day is to produce a meal for dinner time.  I mean easy for a person who often forgets one of her gloves, runs out the door with mismatched socks, and leaves her SmarTrip card on the kitchen table.  You literally throw a bunch of ingredients in a crock pot, turn the crock pot on, and come home to a delicious meal. The white beans are perfectly filling, the andouille adds a spicy punch, and the collards’ natural bitterness complements the whole ensemble.

Now that I’ve scratched that goal off my list, I think I’ll move on to the poster signed by Fred Savage. I’m feeling pretty lucky these days.


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