mushroom lasagna

Today my cube neighbor was blasting music that sounded like a tone-deaf gospel singer harmonizing with the melody she created by playing glasses filled with varying amounts of water. I was grunted and mumbled at by the homeless lady that stands in the middle of the busy street next to my office, daring cars to hit her.  A person walking too slow on the escalator down to the Metro platform made me miss the last train I can take to make it home in time for my shuttle bus.

And yet I’m in an excellent mood.  Because at the end of this ridiculous day was glorious, luxurious, delicious mushroom lasagna.

If you aren’t familiar with mushroom lasagna, don’t feel too bad–you’re only missing out on one of the best versions of lasagna ever. What’s more, it might be the easiest lasagna you’ll ever make.  I mean, even a monkey could sauté some mushrooms, boil some noodles, and grate some cheese (though I wouldn’t recommend hiring one to make this dinner for you).

Ina Garten is, of course, behind this awesome recipe.  As we’ve discussed, Ina might be a little tightly wound, but her perfectionism comes in handy when it comes to cooking.  And so long as I get a great meal out of it, I can overlook references to “good olive oil” and baking dishes that come in sizes only sold in France (feel free to use a regular, ol’ 13″x9″–it works just fine).

Paired with some bakery bread and a small salad, you’ve got a meal fit for a queen.  Or Ina.  Same thing.


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  1. Do you think there is a way we can combine forces and convince Ina to cook with us? Oh, this is Jess. It won’t let me log out of the name we use to post our blog. Technology is… great.

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