short ribs

I would like Ina Garten as a BFF.  Sure, visiting her house would send me into fits of envy unmatched by any evil Disney character (Malificent, I’m looking at you) and it’d be tough to hold back my eye rolls when she would remind me to use my “good” olive oil/vinegar/oven etc., but still, I think she’s bestie material.  Because, most important to most any friendship, that girl can cook!

I think our hang outs would go like this–

Ina: “Katie, would you like to come over for dinner at my magnificent home in the Hamptons? Jeffrey will be there and so will that guy who always arranges my flowers.”

Katie: “Heck yes! What can I bring, oh buddy of mine?”

Ina: “Um, just yourself.  Oh, and a bottle of  Burgundy, vintage 1913.”

Katie: Silent

Ina: “Okay, just yourself.”

I’d get there and we’d laugh, talk about being Feds (Ina was one for quite a while–true story), and she’d give me a private tour of her English-style gardens.  Oh, and she’d cook me a ridiculously delicious dinner AND dessert and, at the end of the night, have her driver take me home because I’d be in the food coma to end all food comas.

Unfortunately, this is just a fantasy (for now).  So I must commune with dear Ina through her fantastic cookbooks.  All of her recipes are contenders, but it just so happened that I decided on Scott’s Short Ribs for dinner this past Saturday night.

I’ll start with the cons because they’re few and practically inconsequential: this recipe takes a L-O-N-G time to prepare.  As in, 3 hours long.  The hearty, flavorful, AMAZING end result is absolutely worth the time; however, I wouldn’t recommend starting this on a weeknight, lest you want to eat some time the following morning.  Also, my liquid never really reduced.  At least, not in the way Ina describes it.  I was left with more of a thick beef stew (again, amazing), instead of the (I believe) intended glazed-ish dish.  And I left out 2 cups of beef broth!  This con could definitely be user error.

The pros: a delicious, delectable, fan-friggin’-tastic meal.  The short ribs are perfectly seasoned and take on the flavors of the veggies and wine (we used a Gnarly Head Cabernet Sauvignon).  And the meat falls off the bone, as in, completely separates from the bone in the Dutch oven by the time you’re done cooking.

I think I speak for both Ina and myself when I say, try this ASAP!


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  1. omg. just saw this reply now b/c I think I’m going to make this recipe on Sunday. Anytime you want to have an Ina-food-themed fete I’m in. I’ll have my “boys” bring the flowers for the centerpiece.

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