day off and butternut squash soup with gorgonzola

Today was a great day.  I didn’t wake up before the sun.  I didn’t put on my jewelry, my slacks, my blouse, or my heels.  And I didn’t race into D.C.  Because today I didn’t have to go to work. No, today was my long-awaited day off.

So instead of the rat race, I did me-things.  I got my hair done.  On a Monday morning. You can imagine how awesome it is to be one of the few people in the salon?  Totally, luxuriously glorious.

I did some reading (my Kindle is like a close, personal friend that can fit in my purse)…

Contemplated a new crochet project (i.e. stared at my box of yarn)…

Admired Remy’s ability to nap…

Gazed un-longingly (not a word, but you get my drift) at the frigid world outside our window…

While sipping hot tea from my cat-lady mug…

And generally lounging around while Nate worked…

The best part? The culminating meal of incredibly delicious, ridiculously easy butternut squash soup, courtesy of Claire Robinson.  It’s creamy (even though it contains absolutely no dairy), flavorful (I’m attributing that to the curry), and filling. I added Gorgonzola for an interesting and yummy tanginess, but if you’re not a fan, you could easily leave it out with no consequences other than total annihilation (okay, maybe that’s a bit dramatic).



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