knit happens

Okay, well, technically crochet happens.  At least, it does in my casa.  But “Knit Happens” is a way more compelling title than “Crochet Happens” or, its rival, “Hey! Crochet!”  So “Knit Happens” it is.

What in the heck am I babbling on about?  Well, I’ve re-ignited my love of crocheting.  And by “re-ignited,” I actually mean “ignited”, since, though I’ve tried my hand at crocheting numerous times since I was a wee munchkin, I never actually SUCCEEDED at crocheting until this past month.  The impetus was seeing the gorgeous afghans a friend made and deciding that, yes, it was worth trying to learn to crochet one more time.

So, behold my first project: a stripe-y scarf for my little sis in her school colors (Go Herd!).  I found the pattern in a book that is clearly for young girls circa 1997 (which, in fact, I was in 1997).  Along with this scarf, there are pattens for making your very own floppy hat a la Blossom and cases for your CDs.  Jackpot!

Don’t worry–this doesn’t mean that the next time you see me, I’ll be decked out a crocheted dress or anything crazy like that.  A crocheted bikini, on the other hand…now THAT has potential!


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