fresh gingerbread with lemon icing

The Christmas season is lousy with gingerbread.  Gingerbread houses covered in white icing and decked with candy canes and gum drops, gingerbread men and women decorated with, well, icing and gum drops, and the ubiquitous ginger snaps.  Sadly, I’m really not a fan of these popular confections, even though they do smell wonderful baking in the oven.

Fortunately for me and anyone else who shares my general dislike of near-stale gingerbread treats, Nigella Lawson has created a dessert that takes everything wonderful about fresh gingerbread–the molasses, the brown sugar, the fresh ginger, the cinnamon–and wraps it into a delicious, exceptionally moist cake topped with the most perfect lemon icing.  This lovely dessert is called Fresh Gingerbread with Lemon Icing.

I gravitated towards this recipe because the steps are few and the reviews are stellar.  I took the recommendation of one reviewer and added 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger, instead of 2 teaspoons, and I think you could easily up the ante to 2 tablespoons of ginger (if you’re a big fan, like me).  I also doubled the icing recipe (per another fan’s notes), and I think it was exactly the right idea.

So, if you’re like me and enjoy a spicy, warm treat on a cold winter night that doesn’t shatter into a thousand crumbs when you bite into it, try this recipe.  You’ll be so glad you did.



3 responses

  1. It looks super yummy. I would think it also would be good if in the icing you swapped out the lemon juice for lime juice and the water for bourbon. Mmm, bourbon and ginger.

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