mini carrot cake cupcakes

You’re going to hate me for this.  And I know that you’re probably sick of desserts.  But hear me out when I say that there are precious few times each year when giant trays of homemade cookies and fudge are passed around, and no one looks at you sideways when you take two, three, four, five helpings.  This is the time of year when gluttony is embraced (I mean, have you seen Santa?) and people share happily with kith and kin.

In this spirit of giving and over-eating, I made mini carrot cake cupcakes for my coworkers.  They were courtesy of an up-and-coming baker known as Martha Something.  Steward?  That sounds about right.

Anywho, these turned out quite lover-ly.  The cake is moist and light and the icing is to die for.  I couldn’t find mini cupcake papers, so I just greased and floured my pan and everything came out with no problem.

I could see these accompanying you usual Christmas treats on the dessert buffet or savored in front of a roaring fire.  They are perfectly seasonal and absolutely delicious.


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