roasted chicken thighs with green tomatoes, basil, and ginger

In the interest of full disclosure, I have something to share with you: I don’t like tomatoes.  Cherry, plum, Roma, it doesn’t matter. If they aren’t fried, or in sauce or salsa, I’m not interested.

And yet, for some unknown reason, I saw this recipe for Roasted Chicken Thighs with Green Tomatoes, Basil, and Ginger and thought, “Awesome!” Not, “Clearly I’m leaving the yucky, slimy tomatoes out of this otherwise magnificent dish.”  I have no idea what came over me–perhaps, with age, I’m gaining a wider range of tastes in addition to the strong desire to hit the hay at 9:30 pm every night.

Luckily, I finally overcame my distaste for tomatoes because this recipe is really good (I’m partial to the notes of ginger, basil, garlic AND tomatoes mingling with the dark meat of the chicken). And better yet, it’s REALLY easy.  Like, throw a bunch of ingredients in a baking dish, stir them around, and bake ’em for 20 minutes easy.  It’s so simple in fact, that I’m pretty sure that my cat could easily pull it together, and she lacks opposable thumbs.  And the permission to put her paws in our food.  It’s just good practice.

P.S. In the spirit of super full disclosure, my tomatoes weren’t *exactly* green.  Just kinda green. You say “tomato,” and I say, “tomatoh.” 🙂


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