linguine with tomato-almond pesto

You may remember that I have yard envy.  Don’t get me wrong–condo living is awesome and not having to worry about mowing and raking is perfect for a young couple, but I really wish that, along with our condo, we had a little patch of land to plant flowers and herbs and maybe a Chinese maple tree (because I think their red leaves are tops).

Instead, we make do with our cute little porch, planting flowers in hanging baskets and–as of last month–an herb in a pot.  We chose basil because, frankly, it was the only herb we could find at Home Depot.  It’s been thriving in its little pot, so I decided that it was finally time to make something with our veritable jungle of fresh basil.

Enter stage left Linguine with Tomato-Almond Pesto. Found on Smitten Kitchen’s amazing blog, I was intrigued by the few simple ingredients and steps, and thrilled by the use of a large handful of fresh basil.

Nate and I whipped this up in about half an hour last night, with plenty of time leftover to watch Family Guy, American Dad, AND (most importantly) Mad Men.  The one thing I will mention is that we have a powerful but tiny food processor, and we actually had to chop the tomatoes in batches, and then stir them together with the almonds, basil, garlic, and olive oil mixture.  Everything still tasted amazing–garliky, pesto-y, almond-y, perfect-y.   This dinner goes great with a glass of red wine and some crunchy French bread.  I speak from experience.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, “Cat Nap”:


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