have you fallen for fall yet?

The morning air is crisp.  The leaves are tinged with gold.  Your thoughts have turned to what ridiculous couples-costumes you and your mate will sport this Halloween  (the “right to bear arms,” complete with white, furry limbs, was lost on too many trick-or-treaters).  Fall is just around the corner.

This year, I decided that the change of seasons is just too festive to relegate to the out-of-doors, so I chose to make a few changes around the house to signify for anyone who enters here that Autumn has taken the comfy chair, kicked up its feet, and demanded a non-stop supply of Bell’s Oberon.  Because Autumn has sophisticated taste.

I started by adding cinnamon sticks (bought in a super-sized box at Target) to the hurricane that holds the only pillar candle I own.  Why cinnamon sticks?  Nate wondered the same thing.  I chose cinnamon sticks because they a) smell nice, b) remind me of Fall and Christmas, and c) were cheap.  ‘Nuff said.

I then planted pansies on the deck.  And before you say it, I know.  The deck is outside. With the rest of nature.  I would counter, however, that I have a great view of said deck from my office and family room, so pansies on the deck sort of equal pansies in my house.  And pansies are hearty (the old lady in the flower section at Home Depot assured me so, and she has to be right–she was old and therefore wise.)

Finally, I did what all red-blooded Americans do at the cusp of the autumnal equinox: I bought small, decorative owls to sit on my mantle.  This decision obviously needs no explanation.

So that’s it.  Do you do anything to bring Fall indoors?  (And don’t say you buy decorative owls–I’ll know you’re just brown-nosing.)


3 responses

  1. Ah — we here in Raleigh have pulled out all of our Halloween stuff (it seems a shame to use it only for a few weeks a year). Our mat in the shape of a bat — our pumpkin pillow — the pumpkin blanket I got George and Alice when they were wee ones (Alice: it doesn’t cover my feet anymore mama). I bought a witches hat (goes with anything — nice paired with a classic little black dress). Jason is excited working on his annual costume of a 1950s business man having a 3 martini lunch (and plenty of episodes of Mad Men to make sure that he captures the look and the nuances just so). Ah, fall. If only it was not going to be NINETY-SIX DEGREES OUTSIDE TOMORROW!

    • Haha–I think everyone needs an explanation, because it actually makes no sense at all. 🙂 Owls remind me of Halloween and Fall by extension, but there is definitely no owl = Fall equation that I know of!

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