we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…

To announce that I just completed perhaps the most daunting day in Couch to 5K — the dreaded Week 5 Day 3!!!  What’s so scary about Week 5 Day 3?  Well, up until this day, the program is all about running and walking on and off for about 30 minutes total.  You start with 1 minute of running and 90 seconds of walking, gradually building up from there.  Day 3 of Week 5, however, is the first time you get zero intervals.  That’s right: you have to run for 20 minutes STRAIGHT.  As in, without stopping.

I really had no clue if I’d triumph over Week 5 Day 3 when I started out early this morning, but I wanted to succeed so that I could legitimately mimic Rocky running up the steps of the Philly Art Museum with some fist pumping action thrown in for good measure.  So I decided that instead of focusing on time, per se, I’d pay attention to how many songs I’d listened to.  Five songs at four-ish minutes a piece is much easier for me to mentally handle than twenty. long. solitary. minutes.

All that jogging gave me a great tour of my pretty neighborhood, and I actually had it in me to do the Rocky-imitating I had dreamed about since Week 1 Day 1.  Sure, my building only has 5 stairs to surmount, but it still felt good to climb them, even if it was at a more leisurely pace than the Italian Stallion.


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