chocolate stout cake: a winning combination

I looked at my blog today (I’m shameless and the first to admit it), and I couldn’t help but notice that I am still reading Sense and Sensibility.  Still.  Didn’t I start that really-not-that-thick novel a month or so ago? Who takes that long to finish such a great book?  What could possibly distract anyone from the intricacies of Elinor’s and Marianne’s love lives?

In my case, food.  And travel to see hugely-missed family and friends. And wonderful, lovely weekend guests. I’m typically a pretty voracious reader, but this last month has completely gotten away from me.  And today I’d like to share with you just one of the many reasons I haven’t sat down with my book and a biscotti in, oh, 30ish days.  It’s called Chocolate Stout Cake.

The mixture of a stout (i.e. a nice, dark beer) and chocolate isn’t exactly revolutionary.  But this cake absolutely is.  It’s moist (I’m no scientist, but I’m guessing it’s from the stout and the sour cream), perfectly chocolately, and completely addictive.  As in, find-yourself-in-your-PJs-in-the-kitchen-eating-a-second-helping-at-one-a.m. addictive.

I’m warning you because we’re friends.  And because I want you to save me a slice if you make some, instead of eating it all during a late night binge.


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