back to school

Three words I didn’t think I’d be saying so soon.  But it’s true, I’m going back to school.  Not for my master’s — no, that will have to wait. Anyways, this type of school is way cooler than any college or university.  Because — wait for it, wait for it — I’m going to cooking school!  That’s right.  My amature ambitions are about to become (fingers crossed) way less amature!  In fact, they might get downright proficient.

This cockamamie scheme was not hatched overnight.  I’ve actually been looking into cooking school for a while now, but costs were prohibitive and many would require me to go full-time (which just ain’t gonna happen).  Then somehow I stumbled across cooking school night courses taught at the local community college (as part of their Hospitality Management program), and the coursework looks rigorous and totally comprehensive.  And my teacher was an executive chef with Wolfgang Puck in Austria.  Which I’d like to think makes me pretty cool by association.

Right now, I’ve mentally signed on for three courses (but I might add to that list as I progress).  At the end of August, I’ll begin Culinary Arts I, which teaches all the cuts and cooking methods, as well as how to make stocks, debone all sorts of meats, choose the best-looking meats, and prepare soups and roux, among other skills.  Culinary Arts II focuses on fish and shellfish, grains, mayonnaise and dressings, baking breads and a few desserts.  I have to say I’m most looking forward to my baking class, which goes through everything from breads and muffins, to pies and meringues, to cookies and souffles, to puddings and mousses.  Nate is thrilled, since I’ll be bringing home leftovers.

Everything I learn in class, I will share with you here.  That way, we can set out on this adventure together, and potentially gain a few lbs along the way.  Because, really, what’s a few lbs between friends?


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