awesome lemon pound cake

When I first started this blog many moons ago, I wrote about lusting after (and then finally purchasing) the ultimate bundt pan.  Now, if the phrase “ultimate bundt pan” makes you raise your eyebrows, then what if I tell you it’s heavy duty and makes cakes that resemble a crazy circular mountain range?  Does that give my pan some street cred?

Well, regardless of how you may feel about my bundt, I think you would agree that it should be used whenever possible, instead of gathering dust in the cabinet above the fridge.

Happily, the right opportunity presented itself in the form of a trip down to North Carolina to visit my brother, his lovely wife, and my adorable niece and nephew.  The inspiration to try this recipe came from a version of this very cake that Nate’s mom recently made using oranges instead of lemons.  It was oh, so good and worth recreating.  And, of course, it was featured on Smitten Kitchen (I’m beginning to think I’d be stuck for eternity in culinary limbo, making things that were okay but not great, if it weren’t for Deb — bless her).

This cake is not difficult to make.  I’d like to say that up front.  But there are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Give your eggs, butter, and buttermilk enough time to get to room temperature (I usually aim for one hour).  Working with freezing cold ingredients often leads to over mixing, and your results might not be the very best.
  • Apply the glaze (1/2 cup sugar with 1/2 cup lemon juice) when the cake is still hot for premium absorption.  I poked a bunch of holes (using a skewer) into the bottom of the cake when it was still in the pan, and brushed on a few coats of glaze.  I then flipped the cake out onto a cooling rack (positioned over a plate) and continued to brush the rest of the glaze over the outside of the cake.
  • If you’re serving this cake for dinner, make it in the morning.  If you’re eating this as breakfast, make the cake the night before.  What I’m saying is, the longer this cake sits, the longer the flavors have to mingle, and the better your cake will taste.

This lemon pound cake is a wonderful summertime dessert.  Try grilling a few slices and serving them with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.  (You might think me an instigator, but you can’t deny that I’m an instigator with darn good ideas.)

*Please pardon the cell phone photos — I forgot to take my camera along for this momentous occasion.


2 responses

  1. As said sister-in-law that was on the receiving end of this cake — just one word: Awesome. Ok — and one more — a little bit evil. I ate it like a woman possessed for the 24 hours it lasted. I eyed all competitors for MY cake with less than charitable thoughts (eat the strawberry-rhubarb pie…eat the strawberry-rhubarb pie — yes, a crude, and entirely unsuccessful, attempt at mind-control.).

    Thank you Katie! We had SUCH a wonderful time! Even if we dragged you outside during CODE RED WEATHER!

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