happy birthday, indeed

Today I came home from a delicious tapas happy hour (thank you, Jaleo) with my awesome cousin, Jess, to two unassuming packages sitting in front of my door.  “I didn’t order anything,” I thought, hoping I hadn’t sleep shopped again. Well, confusion gave way to giddiness when I realized that the packages may very well contain birthday presents.  Happily, I was right on the money.

The first was from my lovely family-in-law.  They sent me (oh happy day!) my very own copy of Irish chef Rachel Allen’s Bake, a beautiful hard-cover tome (complete with its own silk bookmark) containing all sorts of dishes that require — you guessed it — baking.

I’ve only spent a few moments with this awesome gift, but I’ve already found a few recipes that I will be attempting sooner than later.  The first is for soft pretzels…yessir.

Then, I’m reaching for the stars and trying Croques en Bouche.

And it would be criminal for me not to try this baked potato, onion, and rosemary gratin.

Revelling in my new, fantastic cookbook, I *almost* forgot about the second package, now sitting unopened on the dining room table.  That didn’t last for long of course, and I tore into the brown box with childlike glee.  You can only imagine my joy when I unwrapped three birthday treat-themed shower gels/shampoos from Philosophy, complete with recipes on the bottles (it looks like I’ll be making vanilla birthday cake with chocolate frosting and strawberry ice cream ASAP).

Who sent me this awesome baking-themed gift?  None other than my lovely transcontinental amiga, Allison.  And I’m thrilled to take my baking obsession to the next level by actually smelling of baked goods at all times.  Who else can say that?  You don’t see Ina dabbing eau de pound cake behind her ears or Giada bathing in marshmallow fluff.

I think I’ve made my point.


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  1. OMG, Katie! I love you blog, first of all. Very inspirational for a fellow newlywed. But, I’m mostly commenting because it was SO FUN to read a blog by my peer mentor, mentioning my RA. Too awesome!

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