let’s celebrate

Today is my birthday. And maybe it’s your birthday, too. More likely than not, it’s your un-birthday, which — according to the Mad Hatter — is still something to celebrate. So let’s, shall we?

I’ve made us something special: Blackberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. Summer birthdays (and un-birthdays) call for summer treats, and I can’t think of anything more appropriate than delicious, fruity ice cream.

I found my recipe on Country Living, and it calls for raspberries. But this morning’s walk around the farmer’s market proved that blackberries are what local farms are producing rightthismoment, so I decided to be flexible and go with the freshest berries possible.

The ingredients list is short (cream cheese, sugar, blackberries, whipping cream, and whole milk) and the instructions are straightforward.  What you’re left with is an endlessly creamy, ever so slightly tangy (chalk it up to those berries), refreshing, amazing treat.

So cheers to all, birthday or no — nobody needs an excuse to eat this ice cream.


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