red velvet whoopie pies

I have been told that whoopie pies are the new cupcake.  Books on whoopie pies are popping up in stores, food bloggers are taking them on (trying, of course, daring combinations of flavors), Williams Sonoma has created a whoopie pie pan (totally unnecessary), and DC’s beloved Hello Cupcake has started selling Hello Pies (buttercream frosting sandwiched between two day-old cupcake tops) next to their famous predecessors.

Never liking to be far behind food trends, I knew it was time to try my hand at these hefty treats.  And since this felt like a special occassion, I decided to find a recipe for whoopie pies that featured red velvet cake, a flavor I’ve enjoyed but never attempted before.

Said recipe had to meet my requirements of 1) looking delicious, and 2) using ingredients I had on hand.  One brief visit to the lovely Taste Spotting site later, and I had found my precious (which was featured on the blog, Duo Dishes).

These puppies tasted as amazing as they look.  The cake cookie layers had a distinct (but by no means overwhelming) flavor of cocoa, and were moist with a nice, big crumb.  The filling — well, friends, the filling was perhaps the best part.  Part cream cheese, part butter, mostly marshmallow fluff, this heavenly concoction tasted just as good when eaten as part of the whoopie pie as it did being licked from fingers and the bottom of dessert plates.

These might seem a tad indulgent, and you may be wondering if you should spare the calories. But please, put those thoughts out of your mind.  You’ve been working hard, and you deserve this.


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