perfect potato salad

What foods remind you of summer?  When I think of freckles, tans (for others — I stay porcelain year round), flip flops, sand between toes, fire flies, and daylight at 8 pm, I also think of burgers, sangria, strawberries and cream, and potato salad.  The memories keep snowballing from there — potato salad begets grilling outdoors, grilling outdoors begets hanging out with friends, and hanging out with friends begets funny moments that make me laugh inappropriately on the Metro when I remember them days later.

But back to potato salad.  I adore potato salad and endlessly enjoy trying different versions of my favorite side.  It’s amazing that a dish that is composed primarily of potatoes, mayonnaise, mustard, onion, salt, and pepper can vary so much from recipe to recipe.  And anyone can make the mushy, yellow potato salad that you find at most salad bars — but now just you, me, and Ina know how to make the very best potato salad (also known as New Potato Salad).  This salad’s secret weapon?  Lots of fresh, fragrant dill.  And a dash of awesome.

You start by boiling your potatoes.  Ina calls for red skinned potatoes, but I went with yukon golds, since I find them much more delicious.  Just be sure that whatever potato you use, you choose small, similarly sized potatoes.  I missed the “small potatoes” note, and it took me longer to cook the potatoes than the recipe calls for.  Other than that small mistake, the making of this recipe was smooth sailing.  Just whip up the dressing, pour it over your chopped potatoes, and add in the red onion and celery.  Then serve, eat, and enjoy.


2 responses

  1. “The memories keep snowballing”….and you are talking about potato salad in the summer, yea, you can write!!!!

    You have to help me get my blog stated neighbor, you rock, gina!

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