pork roast with hard cider gravy

Sometimes I get home from work, and I’m in the zone. I’m alert, I’m energized, I’m ready to get my cook on.  The other night, I thought I was in my groove — alert? Check.  Energized? Sure.  Prepared to shake and bake? Yessir.  Yet, as I started to make Claire Robinson’s Pork Roast with Hard Cider Gravy, I was somehow sadly mistaken.

It started when I forgot to tie my pork roast. This helps give the roast a uniform shape, thereby cooking it more evenly in your oven.  Oops.  This could be why it took my pork ten extra minutes to get to the prescribed 145 degrees internal temperature.

Then I seasoned the roast with table salt and pepper.  Table salt is not what the recipe calls for.  It asks you to use Kosher salt, which makes way more sense, considering it’s Kosher salt that is used when brining pork (thereby making the pork as juicy as all get-out).

Luckily, I seemed to return to my senses after those mishaps, and had no trouble caramelizing the apples and onions (it took about half an hour to do so), pureeing them, and creating a gravy from the mixture.  In the end, the dish was really quite good.  Nate and I have made several variations of this pork with apples recipe, and this is one of our favorites.  Next time, I would brine the roast in water with Kosher salt for a day before working with it, since our pork was a little dry (I would then omit the salt in the rest of the dish, so as not to create a sodium-laden mess).  Give this one a try — you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. I will definitely try this — probably in the fall. I would recommend Silver Palate’s Chicken and Apples recipe as well. VERY VERY yummy!

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