we liked her so much…

We put a collar on her. That’s right — Remy the Cat has been hanging around with us for two years now, and just today we decided she would look awfully cute in that purple collar we bought her before we even took her home with us from King Street Cats.

Now, Remy’s never been an “adventurous” cat. And curiosity will certainly never kill her — make her yawn, maybe, but not kill her. In fact, every toy we ever bought her sits in our linen closet, collecting lint, because she just isn’t interested.  According to Remy, acting like an bubbly kitten is so 2007.

Remy’s much more of a lap cat — anyone’s lap, not just Nate’s or mine. She’s content to sleep all day, with occasional moments of snacking. She lives the life that Nate and I can only dream of.

I’m not sure if we’ll keep the collar on her for good, but we do like hearing the faint tinkling of her collar’s little bell as she saunters around the condo. You know, for those thirty minutes each day that she’s not asleep.


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