spanakopita’s step sister: wild mushroom and bleu cheese triangles

Friends, you might recall that a while back I featured a delicious recipe (courtesy of Smitten Kitchen) for spanakopita (phyllo triangles filled with spinach, feta, scallions, and garlic).  I adore that recipe and have made it for numerous parties, hang-outs, and the like.  In fact, you might call me a spanakopita master — I’m pretty sure I can fold one of those phyllo triangles in less than 15 seconds without tearing the dough (a real accomplishment in my book).

So, like any master, I decided it was time to take this recipe to the next level.  Smitten had noted a variation of spanakopita on her website that included bleu cheese (yum) and sauteed wild mushrooms (double yum), and I chose to debut the appetizer at my sister’s graduation party alongside my old favorite.

The process really wasn’t any easier or more difficult than the steps for the spanakopita.  You sautee the green onions, and later the mushrooms, stir in some bleu cheese, and wrap them into little triangles.  I left out the rehydrated mushrooms, and just went with 1 lb of assorted wild mushrooms (I didn’t see the point of the rehydrated mushrooms – if you know the significance, let me know).  Then, 30 spanakopita and 30 wild mushroom and bleu cheese triangles later, I froze my work (as Smitten suggests) so that they would be fresh for my sister’s party the following day.

The next evening was show time, and I baked the triangles exactly as I would have had they not been frozen (no need to add extra baking time — I found that these were done in 20 minutes).  Finally I got to try my newest foray into triangle-shaped appetizers.  Needless to say, I wasn’t dissapointed — the mushrooms blended nicely with the salty cheese, and the scallions were a great background flavor.  The spanakopita are still my favorite version of these treats; that being said, I might be little bit biased.


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  1. And they were AWESOME. I LOVE anything in phyllo triangles — but I find them SOOOO hard to work with. I do like sprays rather than working with melted butter, but I am way too impatient. You are truly the master…..

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