it’s curtains for us

Well, technically it’s curtains for our guest room (also known as Remy the Cat’s bedroom).  During one of the many blizzards this past winter, I convinced myself that making my own curtains was easy and something I could accomplish in a single afternoon.  So I went to online, bought a fun, graphic fabric, and promptly stowed that perfect fabric away in our guest bedroom closet for, oh, three months.

Then this past weekend, something happened.  Let’s call it spring fever ushering in the inexplicable desire to get some housework done, and not one too many vodka gimlets.  Okay?

Nate was, per usual, my crafty wingman, and together we tackled the task of hemming the six yards of fabric (cut in half, one for each curtain panel).  Without a sewing machine.  That’s right — following a tutorial on the wonderful blog, Young House Love, we used Heat’n Bond hem tape to hem both panels.  And all it took was the hem tape, an iron, an ironing board, and a dash of chutzpah.

The first step on the road to curtain hemming enlightenment is to adhere the hem tape to the edge of your fabric, being sure to keep a straight line as you go along.

Then, peel the paper from the adhered tape, fold the fabric over (sandwiching the tape between the fabric layers), and iron the tape again.  In seconds, you’re left with an even hem that won’t come loose.  Pretty cool, huh?

We avoided the whole problem of creating a rod pocket at the top of the curtains by purchasing curtain clips to hang the panels from.  We like this more modern way of hanging curtains, and enjoy the added bonus of being able to customize the pleats in the curtains.

So get down with your crafty self, and make some cute, customized, and  inexpensive curtains ASAP.


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