french onion tart

Friends, I am a sucker for puff pastry (exhibit A).  I love its fluffy, buttery exterior and flaky interior, and the way it seems to complement anything it’s paired with.

Even onions.  How do I know this?  Well, just the other night, Nate and I tackled in tandem Claire Robinson’s French Onion Tart, replete with three (count ’em, three) sizeable sweet onions and a big, puff pastry crust.

Before I critique, I have to say that I really loved this tart.  Nate really loved this tart.  Our breath — not so much.  But seriously now, it was delicious.  The sweet caramelized onions harmonize with the yummy puff pastry, and all is right with the world.
Now onto, really, my only criticism: the onions took 45 MINUTES to caramelize.  Which is fine, if you’ve prepared for that sort of time suck.  Nate and I, however, were starving when we STARTED making the tart — and were slowly wasting away as the onions reduced.  Next time, I would leave the heat at medium but cover those suckers — my (albeit brief) research seems to suggest that covered, the onions will brown in about 20 minutes.  Phew.
Oh, and one more note: when Claire says to pierce the puff pastry shell before you bake it, you had better listen to the woman.  I essentially poked at the crust with a fork, and it ballooned in the oven.  Nate and I were able to smack it down with a wooden spoon after baking, but doing it right the first time is ideal.  Unless the thought of smacking puff pastry with a spoon makes you giggle — in which case, be my guest.

One response

  1. Katie, now I know what you and Nate are up to…whacking the pastry!!! So fun, love your blog, will try to emulate, shuttle buddy, gina

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