the condo-dweller’s garden

On my Friday-before-Easter off, I decided to not only paint a kitchen, but (since that’s obviously not time consuming or exhausting enough) also fill the planters we bought a few weekends ago.

People who don’t live in condos — or who have “yards” — may not understand the joy a condo-dweller derives from reveling in their postage-stamp-sized outdoor space. In our case, it’s our pretty porch — just big enough for four rocking chairs and two cocktail tables (Nate tells me they’re technically called “side tables”). All winter long, we stare sullenly at our porch, waiting for the day we can once again enjoy her comfy chairs and bask in her sunny location.

So, I made a trek to Home Depot and bought a few different types of flowers. I did a lot of research about planting flower boxes before heading to Home Depot, and was sure to buy only the best. The process went something like this: “Oh, that’s pretty. I love pink. Ooo, purple! The purple ones are droopy and the pink ones aren’t. That will add interest and height to my basket. Here’s something that has a lot of vines and tiny white flowers. Also pretty. Okay, I’m done.” See? A very technical process.

Fifty dollars and an hour or so later, my nine plants found a new home on our porch. And I think they like it here.


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