ridiculously good red bean chili

Some nights, I get home and am full of energy.  Where does this energy come from? I have no idea (although I suspect late afternoon coffee breaks and chocolate bonanzas may have something to do with it).  Well, friends, last night was not one of “those nights.”

No, I trudged home after a perfectly fine day at work totally beat and ready for a food-induced coma to lull me into sleep.  I didn’t want muss or fuss, but I did want something filling and delicious.  So I turned to my old, dear friend, chili.

I could wax poetic about chili.  I love that you can make it from so many different ingredients.  It can be mahogany colored or it can be white.  It can be spicy or it can be mild.  It can use chicken, turkey, beef, or even tofu.  And it will always make you happy.

Last night, I chose my old standby – red bean chili, courtesy of SK.  It uses a boatload of chili powder, unsweetened cocoa (a must), a bunch of kidney beans, and is truly complete when you shave a ton of cheddar cheese on top.  Ooo, melty.

I add cayenne to mine to spice it up, but you really don’t have to.  You can keep it as is and revel in its yummy, hearty simplicity.  And really, no one will judge you if you pair it with one (two, three…) slices of corn bread.  At least I certainly won’t.


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