the newest addition: lotus candleholder

During the Snowpocalypse I *may* have browsed the Internet for long, uninterrupted lengths of time.  And I *may* have spent some cash by shopping online.  And I *may* have bought this adorable candleholder from CB2, even though I have so many candleholders, I don’t have enough table/counter space to display them all.

Like all Snowpocalypse purchases, my three-piece lotus candleholder came very, very late.  But, happily, it is finally here for my enjoyment.  I haven’t pulled it apart into its three distinct parts for display just yet, and I actually prefer its full lotus flower presentation over the dissected alternative.  Did any of you do some snow-related shopping?


One response

  1. I did not do any shopping during the great snow of 2010. However, I *may* have slept about a 12 hrs a night. I *may* have danced like no one was watching on several occasions. I *allegedly* ate the entire contents of my refrigerator and *allegedly* got pretty friendly with a bottle of patron cafe. I also *don’t remember* what I did for 2 of the 7 days I was off work. I claim no responsibility for anything I may or may not have done during this time.

    But I really do like your lotus candle holder. I kind of want to steal it!! Just like your shoes from today. Is that creepy?

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