mushroom and artichoke marsala

Nate and I aren’t vegetarians. We are loud and proud omnivores, and we enjoy eating all sort of foods, especially of the chicken, beef, and pork persuasians. But sometimes even we want to branch out a little, and eat a meal that’s meat-free and veggie-full. Which brings me to last night’s dinner of Mushroom Marsala with Artichokes, via Smitten Kitchen.

You may remember that a month or so ago, I made Chicken and Mushroom Marsala, also courtesy of SK (well, technically her husband, Alex). You may also remember that I felt like it absolutely rocked. Well, this dish is that dish, sans chicken and plus artichoke hearts (yum), and it, too, rocked my socks.
I didn’t have dry Marsala wine in my cabinet, just sweet, which tasted great with the onion and mushroom combination. Also, one pound of mushrooms may seem like way too much (in their chopped form, they completely covered my cutting board), but they reduce down when you sautee them and are just the right amount. Nate didn’t love the addition of artichoke hearts, but I found them to be delicious. If you’re going to exclude them, then I recommend going with SK’s Chicken Marsala recipe instead — just the mushrooms and pasta would be a little bland (for my taste, at least).

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