from plain to pretty: our new countertops!

When I posted about our upcoming kitchen face-lift via new countertops a month or so ago, it felt like the glorious day when they would be installed would never, ever come.  What was the delay?  Some money from the tax man plus the search for the right countertop company (we went with Counter Intelligence and couldn’t be happier).  But, alas, both obstacles were overcome and we are so, so happy with our new and improved countertops.

What was so bad about the old countertops?  Let’s take a walk together down memory lane, shall we?

As you can see they were beige-y, pink-y, gray-y with swirls and meandering lines that tried so hard (and yet failed so miserably) to resemble marble and granite, all at the same time.  They were laminate (bleech) and were actually starting to come apart. And the new countertops?

Well, they’re sleek and lovely Absolute Black granite.  I’ve been inspired by kitchens with cream-colored floors, white cabinets, and black countertops for quite a while now, and I’m really pleased with how it all turned out in our cucina.

Nate and I investigated Silestone and Cambria along with granite, and in the end chose the granite for its natural patterns (Absolute Black isn’t flat black at all — it has hints of dark gray and even chocolate brown), the fact that it’s non-porous, and because it will never need to be sealed (see non-porous).  We also love the way that colors (like our dish towels and flowers) pop against the dark surface.

So, it’s finally time to check countertops off the list of home renos.  Next are new shades for the windows — the free samples are coming this week!


7 responses

  1. wow! It looks really great. How’s that gonna work out for your cooking though? I mean it’s so pretty you almost don’t want to get too close and ruin it…

  2. Gorgeous! Let me know how your countertops do over the course of the year. In a few years, I am hoping to get black countertops for our kitchen (what do you think of farmhouse kitchen/apron sinks?) Marisa

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