welcome to our wall, ork poster

You may remember that a few weeks ago, I blogged about the Ork Poster of Washington DC that I purchased. Well, due to lots of snow and ice, the delivery of my long-awaited present (to myself) was delayed over and over. In fact, I didn’t actually receive my poster until last Thursday, when it showed up at my door along with some boring computer parts.

Being the most impatient person I know, I convinced/conned Nate into going to Ikea this past Saturday to buy the black Ribba frame that would proudly display my newest purchase. The Ork poster is a strange size – 28”x22” – and Ikea frames are in “European” sizes, so after much deliberation, I went with the 19 3/4”x27 1/2” frame, knowing that the poster would need some trimming.

When we got home, I first experimented with leaving the mat in the frame. Unfortunately, this covered the corners of DC and completely blocked the print at the bottom of the poster. So, I resigned myself to a mat-less poster and, using the insert as a template, cut down my Ork poster to fit.

We hung it on the hallway wall that leads to the guest room, and we couldn’t be happier. The black and white pop on the gray-blue walls, and there’s an added level of interest since it’s fun to play the “I bet I can name all the neighborhoods” game – even if, like myself, you always fail.


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