all i want is world peace. and these cookies.

I’m not sure what it is about this snow, but every day I’ve been trapped indoors, I’ve craved chocolate like you wouldn’t believe.  But since I’ve not gotten much exercise (other than the occasional Wii Fit session), I haven’t been indulging my cravings.  Until today.

In my infinite amounts of free time, I have been bopping around Smitten Kitchen’s site, looking for some dessert I could make with the ingredients I already have in my kitchen.  Lucky for me (and Nate, too), I had every ingredient needed for SK’s (via Dorie Greenspan’s Paris Sweets) World Peace cookies. They’re called World Peace cookies because they’re so absolutely delicious, that if everyone in the world were to try their chocolate-y goodness, all warring would cease and we’d have the sudden urge to join hands and sing.

Pulling these cookies together is a cinch.  The ingredients aren’t exotic, and all told, it probably took me half an hour to get the dough ready to roll into logs.

In fact, that’s the only downside to this recipe — you have to roll the dough into two logs (easy, peasy) and then refrigerate the logs for at least 3 hours, which means you can’t have instant cookie gratification.   But like all good things, these are worth the wait.

After the 3 hours are up, it’s time to take the first log out of the fridge and work some slice and bake magic.  Twelve minutes in a 325 degrees oven, and though these babies won’t look done, they are.  Let them cool (or serve them warm) and you’re done!

Having eaten one (two, three, four) of these, I can safely say that their name is in no way hyperbolic.  These soft, chewy discs of chocolate dough filled with dark chocolate chunks really do offer a zen-like peace that is only heightened by a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream or a hot cup of coffee for dunking.


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    • Yeah, these are tricky. I kept mine in for the 12 prescribed minutes — even though they didn’t look done, they definitely were. You should give them another go. They’re totally worth it. 🙂

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