arroz con pollo

Yesterday, while many of my colleagues decided to brave the wintry mix, I chose to stay in my PJs and work from home.  In my defense, I get into work pretty darn early, and when I looked out my window at 5:30 am (that’s right folks — pre-dawn) all I saw was block after block of  un-plowed winter wonderland that I just didn’t feel like traipsing through.

It probably goes without saying, but I really like working from home.  Not only can I concentrate for long periods of time without any interruptions, but I can also skip my usual 2 hours of commuting.  So when I shut down my computer at 4:30 pm, I had plenty of time before God’s book club*  meeting at 7:30 to start this delicious (and involved) SK recipe for Arroz Con Pollo.

I’m not sure what drew me to this recipe.  There are multiple steps, numerous ingredients, and I can’t even pronounce (much less translate) its name.  But the work and time and stirring is absolutely worth it.  You begin by marinating the chicken that you’ve de-skinned (next time I’ll buy my chicken skinless so as to avoid this less-than-savory step) in vinegar, garlic paste, and oregano.  Wait one hour, then add it to a hot dutch oven filled with simmering chorizo (yum!), onions, bell pepper, and garlic.  Add rice, beer, chicken broth, tomatoes, and the kitchen sink, then simmer under a circle of parchment paper (I told you this was involved) for about 30 minutes.  And voila, dinner is ready.

The result is a nicely spiced (read: flavorful), juicy chicken, tons of well-cooked rice, and the feeling that you’ve been transported to Havana for dinner and high-quality cigars.  And what better place to be transported to when snow is slowly burying your car in the parking lot out back?

Happy snowy weekend everyone!

*Many of you know my reference to God’s book club (also known as the Think and Drink).   It’s the book club that Nate and I attend at our church once a month.  I always gripe to Nate about having to read the (often dense) books, but deep down I love any chance to gather around a huge table and discuss books over bottles of red wine.


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