made for eachother: a snowy day and chocolate-pecan cookies

Weather men lie.  Don’t try to argue with me.  I don’t want to hear your “weather is hard to predict” and “south-easterly winds” mumbo-jumbo.  My DC-burbs location was supposed to get an inch tops of this winter precipitation, and instead my neighborhood is blanketed with snow (which is totally useless if it doesn’t fall on a weekday).

I’m disgruntled.  And cold.  And my toes are wet from trudging through the snow to buy precious, precious groceries (including one totally accidental purchase of Splenda-sweetened gerkins — bleech).  Don’t you see?  This weather has made me crazy.

Around 5 pm, I became desperate for something to defrost my soul and cheer me up.  So I turned to baked goods, because nothing is more satisfying than a sugar coma.  I had found Smitten Kitchen’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe a few weeks ago, and figured that there was no time like the present to try them out.

While my cookies weren’t quite as fluffy as SK’s, they still turned out really delicious.  I loved the chocolate-pecan combination, and the 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt gives them a nice salty/sweet quality.  A few tips if you’re going to give these a try (which I totally think you should): Be sure to set your oven to the prescribed 300 degrees (not the typical baking temp of 350) — I did a double take when reading that direction, and almost set my oven way too hot.  Also, her note about using cold butter isn’t a “oh, do this if you want to, but don’t worry about it”-type direction.  Keep that butter cold, friends! Or you’ll end up with buttery pools of dough (this, thankfully, didn’t happen to me, but some reviewers did complain about it).

Finally, if you’re anything like me, you’ll scoff at the 18 minute bake time, and set your oven to 15 minutes (or something much more “normal”).  Then you’ll take a peek at 15 minutes and see doughy lumps that are definitely not ready for prime time.  You’ll then add 3 more minutes, only to find still doughy-seeming cookies.  Never fear.  These cookies are done and will finish baking while cooling on your wire racks.  Trust me.  Keep them in any longer and you’ll get hockey pucks.  Chocolate-pecan hockey pucks.


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