seriously easy, seriously good: chicken and mushroom marsala

When I first started really cooking (after moving in with “the Nate” a few years ago), I set out to get some really good, easy recipes under my belt.  I made 4-ingredient honey mustard chicken, mushroom rice, and homemade mac and cheese (with Muenster — oh yes, it’s good) like they were going out of style, and although they always tasted great, it gets really boring eating the same things on a constant rotation.  Suddenly, Nate and I were spending ungodly amounts of money on chicken thighs and whole grain mustard, and we were expanding our belts, not our palettes.

So one day I decided to try chicken Marsala.  But all I had was a veal Marsala recipe, and frankly, it didn’t translate to a chicken-centric dish all that well.  We could barely taste the Marsala wine, and who wants to eat yet another bland chicken dinner?  So I put aside my hopes of conquering chicken Marsala for a year and a half — until I came across this SK recipe.   SK’s husband, Alex, apparently makes this dish whenever he’s craving an old stand-by, and I figured that if he could do it, so could I.

I really can’t over-emphasize how easy this recipe is to make.  It requires minimal thought and time, and turns out delicious.  It’s one of those dinners you’ll make, and with every bite you’ll roll your eyes and go “mmm…”  And for a home-cooked meal, who could ask for anything more?


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