i break for brisket

I’m such a sucker for pretty pictures of food. You could get me to make salted lima beans, wrapped in cucumbers, smothered in raw tomatoes (everyone agrees this is gross, right?) if the pictures of it were beautiful. Lucky for me, Deb (of Smitten Kitchen fame) takes fantastic photos of really yummy food, because seriously, a meal like that lima concoction could cost me my wife license.

So last week, Deb featured Southwestern Pulled Brisket, and the lovely picture of brisket with some pretty red onions and a tiny jalapeño slice on top meant that I didn’t stand a chance: I had to try it for myself.  Another draw for me? The fact that this was all done in a slow cooker. There’s nothing more satisfying than a menial level of work in the morning producing something phenomenal by dinner time.

I didn’t have the ground coriander the recipe calls for, and I left out the chilis (sacrilege, I know), but the result was still great — the broth was sweet like a nice Memphis BBQ sauce and the meat just fell apart when I tried to pick it out of the slow cooker. Deb suggests eating the brisket as part of a taco smorgasbord (to make the meat go farther), but luckily the dinner guests were just Nate’s and my appetites, so we had no need to stretch the main ingredient.

To go with this hearty dinner, I made a Steamfresh bag of edamame. I’m new to this edamame in a bag — has it been around since the dawn of man, and I’m just behind? Regardless, kudos to you if you already know about this crazy goodness in a bag, and if not, what are you doing still reading this? Go out and buy some!  Just save a few bags at the ‘Teeter for me.


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