simple pleasures: popcorn

Today I endured my second and final round of dental work.  Before you say shake your head and assume I must take just terrible care of my teeth, let me assure you that I am a very dutiful dental doobie (say that ten times fast).  I brush and floss a lot.  I rinse with Listerene daily.  I own a Water Pik! What more can I do?!?

So after an hour-long appointment this morning, I walked away from my dentist’s office with sealed molars and an unbearably numb side of my face (the left side, to be precise).  The numbness made me trip over words and gave me no hope of eating any normal lunch foods, like my leftover Szechuan Lamb from Mei Wah.  And though much of the numbness was gone when I got home this evening, I still wasn’t up to chewing through a meat-centric dinner.

So to accompany my leftover quiche from last night, I decided to pop some homemade popcorn.  That’s right.  Orville Redenbacher has NOTHING on my brand new Whirly Pop.

At first I was skeptical that the kernels popped in this contraption would be all that much better than the stuff I buy in presealed packages at Harris Teeter.  But now I’m a homemade popcorn convert.  I’ve tasted the awesomeness, and I can never go back!  (Okay, that’s just a little dramatic, but only slightly.)

With my Whirly Pop I use peanut oil and delicious White Cat Popcorn.  Just one teaspoon (!) of oil and three tablespoons of kernels, and I have a hearty helping of popcorn for Nate and I to share.

Now, you could be healthy and eat the popcorn straight from the popper.  But I have to add a sprinkle of salt and about one tablespoon of melted butter (45 seconds in the microwave on High) to my bowl.  Even with my additions, it really is a pretty healthy alternative to store-bought popcorn and most “after school” snacks.  Soon I’ll be trying Orangette’s Caramel Corn with Salted Peanuts, and if you’re nice I *might* share some with you.  Or you could just make your own.


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