quiche, glorious quiche

Tonight I tackled yet another Smitten Kitten creation: spinach quiche.  I am a huge fan of Deb —  the one who is smitten in the kitchen (with the kitchen?) — and her beautiful, hunger-inducing blog.  The result is a dangerously high stack of SK recipe print-outs (forgive me trees!)  in my closet.

Why did I pull the quiche recipe out of the stack, when so many others are there beckoning me with their promises of “2 sticks of butter” and “season generously with salt”s?  Because quiche is easy, reliably delicious, and ready in a jiff.  (Not sure I’ve ever typed “jiff” before.)

The result — as with all Smitten Kitchen recipes — was fantastic.  The ratio of spinach to filling was just right (plenty of spinach held together with the eggs, cream cheese!, parmesan, and cheddar), and the green onions add a nice bite.

I ate a giant slice, then another, and then reluctantly wrapped up the leftovers for Nate (behold my willpower!).

The only change I made was to use a freezer-aisle pie crust instead of making my own.  Still tasted great, but I’m sure a homemade crust would really put this over the top.

I also made a vodka gimlet (you knew how this story would end, didn’t you?).  Not because gimlets and quiche inherently go together, but because I needed something strong and chartreuse after a hectic day at work.  Cheers!


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