plates: they’re not just for dinner anymore

Ever since Nate and I started looking for houses, and — in truth — probably many months before that, I have been devotedly following a blog that focuses entirely on interior design for the “young and trendy.”  Apartment Therapy encourages followers to take aspects of modern/contemporary design and make them their own, on any budget.  So, when we bought our first home, and were confronted with a big, blank wall in the dining room in need of decoration, I pulled out my arsenal of saved inspirational photos from Apartment Therapy and began scouring.

Originally, I was tempted to buy this from CB2. Big, makes a statement, and requires minimal thought on my part.  But there was no guarantee that it would look right on our blue-gray walls, and I am nothing if not return-averse when it comes to furniture and other hefty items.   So, I dug a little deeper through my  photo file, and came across this from Marimekko:

A big statement made with every day, inexpensive plates.  I mean, sure, you could splurge on the fancy Marimekko  dinnerware, but I went a much cheaper route and checked out Etsy’s vintage vendors for cream-colored plates.  Being a fan of groupings in odd numbers, I bought 9 plates in varying sizes and styles.  When they arrived, Nate and I traced each plate onto newspaper and cut out the circles.  We then taped the circles to the wall in different arrangements until we decided on a favorite pattern.  And let me tell you friends, this was significantly easier said than done.  We had those newspaper rounds hanging from our wall for days, shifting each circle a millimeter here and a smidge there, until we were finally happy.

Here’s the result:

We’re very happy with how well it covers the space and the nod to what the dining room is all about — EATING!

Oh, and speaking of eating, Nate and I aren’t cooking tonight.  The meat for our next dinner has not yet defrosted.  On top of that, Nate’s working late and I, in a fit of ravenous hunger that totally doesn’t jive with the fact that I ate my weight in latkes for lunch, had to make dinner for one.  In typical Katie fashion, I made the easiest thing I could think of — a tuna salad sandwich.  I just throw a can of drained tuna, a heaping TBSP of mayo, salt, pepper, and (this is key) a heaping tsp of capers into a bowl, mush it up, and serve it on toast.

Remy hung around while I assembled this sandwich, just in case I dropped a morsel of tuna on the floor.  She underestimates my love for tuna.


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