blt chicken with rosemary-lemon mayonnaise

Today I found out that my teeth are on strike.  They refuse to come along quietly or behave, and no amount of flossing, brushing, cajoling, or threatening will change their little porous  minds.  So I did the only logical thing possible  — I gave my teeth something nice to chew on (and rewarded my stomach in the process, of course).  Sorry for all the anatomical references — let’s get down to the grub.

I found this recipe for BLT chicken with rosemary-lemon mayonnaise while checking out my new Epicurious app last week.  I’ve never been one to turn down a nice BLT (extra B, easy on the T, please), so this recipe intrigued me.  There aren’t a lot of ingredients, and it comes together pretty quickly.

I omitted the lemon zest from the mayonnaise (turning the recipe into BLT chicken with rosemary mayonnaise, I guess), but I don’t think the recipe suffered any.  I also didn’t have cumin seeds, so I went with a dash of ground cumin instead.  I used the mixed baby greens that the recipe called for and added them to the skillet with the bacon and tomatoes.  Next time, I’d use spinach (I like the slight bitterness and I think it would add another depth of flavor) and would let the heat of the chicken wilt the greens instead.

So what did I think?  I liked it.  Panko-fried chicken ALWAYS comes out moist, which is a real plus in a world filled with too, too many dried-out chicken cutlets.  I thought the salad mixture was a little too wimpy (not hefty, hefty, hefty), which I think could be corrected by my suggestions above.  You could also take the seeds out of the tomatoes to tone down the wimpy texture.  I really enjoyed the rosemary mayonnaise on top — the rosemary was well balanced with the tang of the mayonnaise, and I found myself making sure I had a little bit of the topping with each bite.

If you’re a BLT fan, give this a try.  You’ll be glad you did.

By the by, this is my first time dabbling in food photography, and I think you’ll agree that I should never hope to make it my career.  I’ll promise to keep playing with my camera settings, if you promise not to rag on me too much for my pics.  Fair is fair.


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